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S01E01 - Pilot

Hello, product fans!

Before we exchange pleasantries, let me address the elephant in the virtual room! We’ve been out of touch for some time, but we haven’t forgotten about you. As we look back at the most unusual year that we have experienced as a collective, let’s focus on the good memories and celebrate our achievements. While they may not be in the same league as the fastest vaccine ever developed or India’s spectacular comeback in the Border-Gavaskar trophy (am I tempting fate?), it is worth commemorating the effort. We, at Product Growth, would like to share our small wins with you - our cheerleaders, believers, motivators, and contributors. And we urge you to toast your coffees, smoothies, or beers (no one’s looking) to your achievements, whether it is discovering an insane number of music genres (thanks, Spotify!) or finally creating the travel album from that trip you took years ago while daydreaming about your next one!

Here’s hoping for a safer, healthier, and joyous new year!

🔙 📸 Flashback 2020

We don’t like to brag… (but we’re going to do it anyway)

During the course of this year, we built a community of 1400 subscribers, published crowdsourced content (yes, we love to collaborate!), hosted 750 attendees in our masterclass sessions, and grew to an incredibly inspiring team of 10!

Let me break this down for you!

🎬 Act one: Masterclass

In the words of our Masterclass organizer, Nachi,

“We are here to provide you with exclusive insights, knowledge, and learnings from accomplished Growth Operators across industries. We cover a wide range of topics including product strategy, marketing, brand identity, and design. Masterclass is a unique opportunity to learn from the very best”. 

I couldn’t have phrased it better myself. We organized 8 Masterclasses this year, and our speakers are no less than product celebrities: Anuj Rathi (VP - Product, Revenue, and Growth at Swiggy), Tejas Vyas (Head of Product, Growth, and Design at BigBasket), Vikram Bhaskaran (Senior Director of Marketing at Chargebee), Ravi Bhushan (Founder of BrightChamps, ex-Housing). You can find full recordings with detailed descriptions of the sessions below.👇 

Check out Masterclass

🎬 Act two: Spotlight

This act is dedicated to the makers: Megesh Vaidun, Rohit Bachhawat, Amit Godbole, Rashmi Bathal, Shubham Khetan, Aditya Mehta, and our first set of team members: Pramod, Ram, Vamsi, (who were onboarded soon after their contribution to Product Growth’s Spotlight platform).

“As product people, we constantly observe and pick up clues to identify what works and what could be better. Spotlight is an effort to learn from and share with the product community. Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much,” says our Spotlight owner, Akhilesh. 

Spotlight has helped contributors showcase their takes on a range of products like Dunzo, Amazon Prime Video, BigBasket, Urban Company, Zoom, Google Pay, WhiteHat Jr, to name a few, covering a host of topics including product discovery, onboarding, search and filter, order flow and checkout, pricing strategy, rewards, customer support, and in-app navigation. These crowdsourced gems have drawn a lot of attention (over 70k views), and rightfully so! I know the case studies will inspire you, so get on the stage and ‘publish in Spotlight’! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!👇

Explore Spotlight

🔜 Coming soon!

There is so much more that’s in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share it with you! ‘Tis the season of New Year’s resolutions and I promise to be in touch regularly and bring you insights, stories, and analysis on everything product (believe me, it’ll be worth it, unlike the gym membership you won’t remember you bought)! Meanwhile, if there is anything you’d like to speak to us about or know from us, please don’t hesitate to write to us (just hit reply on this email). We’re a grassroots community, and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

🎭 Crew

We’re a small, but expanding team of 10 driven volunteers - Aarzoo, Ajay, Akhilesh, Avinash, Nachi, Nikunj, Pramod, Ram, Ruchika (that’s me), and Vamsi - with a mission to facilitate a community of Growth Operators to share knowledge, collaborate, and support one another in building and growing products together.

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Until next time, hope you enjoy this curated list of our favorite podcast episodes. 

🎧 Happy listening


Ruchika from Product Growth